Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

That’s how it starts? I don’t even have to make up my own first blog post? Pretty fancy, WordPress, pretty fancy.

Well then, Hello, World! Let’s start with a countdown: Today marks 36 days until I can quit my job and 64 days until I join my boyfriend in Southern California after nine (9!) months of long distance. I know, I know, compared to Holly nine months is nothing. But for me, nine months is longer than most – okay, fine, all – of my past relationships. It hasn’t been awful, but it certainly hasn’t been easy. And I know these last two months will be the most trying on us.

I have no job. Let’s just get that out of the way. I have no job and I have no prospects. I have a lot of dreams and a lot of resumes printed, but I haven’t got much else.  And yes, that scares the shit out of me.  I’m scared that it will take me months and months of searching to just find a job – not even a job I want, just one that gives me a pay check.  I’m scared that my boyfriend will think of me as this leech who’s not trying hard enough.

But I’m also really excited.  Right now, I hate waking up so g-d early.  Sometimes I dread waking up (at 5:00 AM!) and making the trek down to work.  The other people I work with are awesome, and I know I’ll miss the m.  But the job itself?  Not so much.  This is my big opportunity to do something.  And that also scares the hell out of me.  What if I don’t do anything?  Or what if I what I do isn’t big enough?

So this blog is the first step in that direction.  Just to write.  To practice my writing.  To get back to it.  And this time I’m getting serious about it. And that means writing every day.  Wish me luck.


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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. ultimateworrier

    Well i wish you luck! Guess were on the same mission here. Can i ask you what you do in your “ex” job?

  2. d

    I’m a professional babysitter in the corporate world. Well, I feel like one anyway.

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