More than Partially Sick

Is there anything worse than being partially sick?  Some would argue that being full-on sick is worse, but I disagree.  Partially sick is awful because you feel strong enough to do things but you know you’re not.

Like right now I’m at work.  And I’m working(ish) and I’m thinking about going for a run when I get home.  But I know that won’t happen.  And even if it did, it would be an utter waste of time due to the fact that I am, in fact, sick.  I just don’t 100% feel sick.

I’ve been trying to fight off this cold for over a week and yet it lingers.  Finding ways to take the fun out of everything.  I can’t breathe.  My eyes are water.  Overall, it’s way less fun than, say, not being sick.

However, it’s worse than not being fully sick because I look okay.  I mean, I don’t sound so great, but I look not sick.  So maybe people aren’t believing me when I tell them I’m sick.  Maybe it will look bad if I call in sick when I’m joking around and laughing.  Therefore, being all the way sick is better than just being partially sick.  When you’re all the way sick then no one questions why you’re out.  When you’re just partially sick, everyone wants you to suck it up and get through the day.

F that.  As of right now I am all the way sick and will all the way call in sick tomorrow.

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