Crosswords and Crossroads

I started doing crossword puzzles again this week.  I used to do them every day – in whatever paper I could find.  The weekly free paper in Santa Barbara had an awesome one every Friday that would take me longer than I’d like to admit to do.  The one in the college paper was much easier and I could be done in one class period, between taking notes.

And then I started working.  And, wouldn’t you know it, corporate America is not that conducive to crossword puzzles.  Mostly because someone steals the paper early in the morning.  Isn’t the rule that you read it in the common area and then leave it for the next guy and that only after, say, two- or three-o’clock should you be able to remove the paper from said common area and bring it back to your private area?  Am I alone in my thinking of this?  At my work, yes, I suppose I am.

So lately (ie, this week) I’ve taken to copying the crossword puzzle as soon as I get in and the paper (New York Times) is still pristine in its blue wrapping and no one has touched.  It’s working out well for me and boosts my self-esteem (hey, don’t judge, we all need something) to get through the day.  I’m hoping that if I start Monday then I’ll be able to complete the weekend ones at some point.  Maybe not right away, but by the end of the summer for sure.

By the way, anyone know a three-letter word for “Curly porker” might be?  Or a six-letter word for “Chatty avians”?  That would help me finish Tuesday.


This weekend I’m headed to Southern California.  This past weekend we had our first long-distance fight.  Actually, I think it might count as our first fight fight.  It didn’t help that it was over the phone, but after 8 months of long distance, I’m surprised that it didn’t happen sooner or more often.

We’re going to try to catch a Dodger’s game and, of course, the famous Dodger Dogs.  I love hot dogs and can’t wait to have one of these.  Apparently you can buy them at the grocery store in Southern California, but I’m holding out for the real deal my first time.  That and relaxing are my only plans for the weekend.  Maybe another go at surfing – hopefully there won’t be any sharks out this weekend.

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