The Fortunes, They Don’t Lie…I hope

Last night I had Chinese with a friend for dinner.  And my fortune?  “You will soon be coming into a fortune.”  So, hopefully, the Chinese are taking their fortunes seriously and I will come into a fortune of money.  It will help a lot in regards to the job search, which is going pretty slowly.

Read another way, I suppose the fortune doesn’t have to be money related.  It could be the fortune of moving in with my boyfriend – of being done with the long-distance relationship.  It could be anything.

As the move nears I’m getting more and more nervous.  I haven’t shared such close living quarters with someone since my sophomore year in college.  We are no longer friends.  I have had such bad luck with roommates and I’m hoping that it ends now.  I know that we’ll have our struggles.  I mean, seriously, how much ESPN can one person watch each day?  I guess I’m about to find my thresh hold.  But I also know that being without him for the past eight months has been terribly hard.  I know that when we are together, things just seem right.

So in about 45 days I will take my last flight between the Bay Area and Orange County (okay, that’s a lie; there will be plenty others after that, but the last one of this kind) and move into my new(ish) apartment in Orange County.  I will find a new job and make new friends (but keep the old).  I will find nice restaurants and bars and explore Disney Land, Sea World and Magic Mountain; I will try a Dodger dog at the stadium and watch my cousins’ kids grow up.

I would definitely say I’m coming into a fortune.

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