Swimming with the Fishes

A long time ago, when we were just starting this whole long-distance situation, my boyfriend and I comforted ourselves with the thought of all those plane rides turning into free plane tickets.  And so we planned on Hawaii, to which neither of us has ever been.  We planned to get SCUBA certified and learn to surf well enough to enjoy the surf.  We narrowed it down to Maui and bought the travel book and started planning.

And then guess what happened.  That’s right, the airlines that Southwest used went under.  And that free ticket I now have?  Well, it’s sure as fuck not getting me to Hawaii any time soon.

So now we’re back at square one.  Now that the tickets are actually going to cost us more money, we have to decide if Hawaii is really the place we want to spend our Labor Day.  I, for one, have a Passport that expires in 2013 and I would like to fill it up before then.  And sadly, Canada doesn’t stamp so that put a damper on my plans over Presidents’ Day weekend.

But I digress.  Now we are looking at Belize.  We’ve signed up for SCUBA lessons, starting next month, and Belize would allow us to use our hard-earned and well-payed for SCUBA lessons.  I’ve heard really great things about it and it would add another stamp to the ole’ passport.  To be fair, the Southwest ticket isn’t going to get me to Belize either, but if I’m going to pay for the whole shebang, then why not do something really spectacular?

There’ll be time for Hawaii some other time.


In other travel news, I’m headed to Portland this weekend for my boyfriend’s sister’s graduation from grad school.  We found out last month that she’s pregnant, so it’ll be nice to see her in all her pregnant glory.  We looked at cute little baby clothes.  And let me tell you, I cannot wait to buy that little baby some tiny shoes.  Yes, I know they are ridiculously expensive, but they are so f’ing cute I can’t even stand it.  Mini shoes!  What is cuter than that?  Nothing, I tell you.

While we’re in PDX, I’m also picking up one of these lovelies.  I have wanted a new computer for so long, but there has always been something stopping me.  For instance, the fact that I already have one.  Yes, that one has really been a stickler.  But now, it’s lived its last life and I’m ready to make the switch from PC to Mac.  I would have bought it about a month ago but, ever diligent, my boyfriend convinced me to wait for Portland because there is no sales tax!  My three favorite words.

The following week we head to Seattle for a friend’s wedding.  And after that I can relax for two weeks.  Well, as much as one can relax while packing up everything to start a new life in an entirely new city.  But it will be nice to not be living out of a suitcase.

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