Belize Cumpleanos

We are officially going to Belize!  Tickets have been purchase, hotel accommodations have been made and we are less than three months away from the trip.

I’ve been out of the country once (that I count since Canada doesn’t even stamp your passport when you cross the border!).  About four five years ago I visited a good friend of mine while she was studying abroad in Spain.  We spent two weeks just hanging out and drinking – I was only 20 and could legally drink.  I loved it.  It was a lot of fun.

But the thing about the trip is that I didn’t really get to see the sights.  It was a social trip with her friends and just acting like the kids that we were.  The fancy churches I saw and historical sights I took in – mostly by myself while she was at school – were mostly just because I felt like I had to.  The rest of the time we made plans to drink and eat and go to the discoteches.  For pete’s sake, one day I even had Burger King for lunch – though I did order it in Spanish so as to feel like I was taking in the culture.

Last summer my boyfriend and I went to Puerto Rico with some friends and, again, most of our trip was spent on drinking and hanging out at the beach.  We didn’t really get to see a lot of Puerto Rico.  And, as much as travelers talk about the “local” experience, I think it’s equally important to see the tourist things.  I drank at a bar and played dominoes all night.  Guess what?  I can do that in the states.  And yes, the beach was relaxing and the water warmer than any body of water I’ve been in, but I feel like I missed out on some of the stuff that you have to see – I didn’t even know what that was, so we just went along with the other guys who wanted to drink.  Again, fun, but not quite what either of us were expecting.

This time, though, I want to have the whole package.  I do want to sit around at a local bar and eat the food and drink the drinks.  I want to sit on the beach and relax as though I’m at home by the pool.  But I also want to see the Mayan ruins.  I want to SCUBA dive and zip line and see everything.  With just the two of us, and knowing what we want to see and do, it will be much easier to have the sort of trip that we’ve wanted in the past.


About half the people in my department are out of work today, and since I’m 11 work days from being out of this place, I don’t have a lot to do.  I’ve already started passing off my duties so that the transition won’t be rocky.  And that leaves me with very little to do.  Possibly a run, since I’ve made a promise to myself that I will work out every day until I leave because in two weeks I’ll be rafting down a river in Boise and I’d really like to look nice in my bikini.   And before that I’ll be unpacking and hanging out by the pool while looking for a job.

(Speaking of looking for a job: I have an appointment with a recruiter!  )

But back to the working out.  So many things have been going on in the last two months – mostly just me wanting to spend time with people I care about instead of time at the gym – that I’ve been slacking off.  And I hate the fact that after working out regularly for a month, just one week of not working out will ruin everything.  My first order of business in Southern California is to find a gym with a pool.  Swimming is such a killer work out and I haven’t been able to do it regularly since I got rid of my car.

The rest of the day will be spent catching up on The New Yorker.  I spend so much time reading for my goal that I toss the magazine to the side until I’m at a place in my list that I can afford to read it.  I’m up to May 26th.

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