My friend just had a surgical procedure yesterday (don’t worry, she’s fine) and, because her boyfriend was out of town until after (I’m not judging) the surgery, I volunteered (or was I volunteered? no matter) to drop her off, pick her up and make sure she didn’t die in the hours between the end of surgery and her boyfriend arriving at home. Though, to be honest, I didn’t look at it like that. I just saw myself doing her a favor. My last major surgery was in kindergarten (appendix removal) and I was too young to remember being scared pre-surgery, or groggy post-surgery.

When I was finally able to see her, she looked like death. It was as if she’d been in a coma for years and would never speak again. I greeted her with a “hey, fancy” and she looked at me like shut the fuck up, bitch, though she didn’t remember it later.

One the drive home she kept saying, “Ouch, drive slower.” I was going 15 mph.

Once we got home she crawled into bed and I gave her a Percocet and called her mom to tell her that all was well but she probably wouldn’t hear from her tonight. When I went to check on her she looked at me and said, “It hurts. Make it stop.” So I gave her another Percocet and settled in for some good reading.

Every 30 minutes or so I would hear her coughing and would ask her if she wanted some water. She would nod her head and I would have to pour the water down her through (note to self: always have straws on hand).

Her boyfriend finally arrived home and she came groggily out of her post-surgery fog. We talked a bit and they thanked me for being able to be there for this. There was another friend who offered to be the go-to-person, but I won out because, as my friend said, “I couldn’t be this vulnerable in front of her.”

It was one of, if not the, best compliment I’ve ever received. And I didn’t even have to pay her for it.

There are few people in your life you meet who stay and are important. People you can be vulnerable with. I’m glad that I have people like that. I’m honored to have people who can be like that around me.

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  1. Ashley

    That made me cry. I agree with everything your last paragraph said! It’s good to have true friends! You’ve proven yourself time and time again with many people, myself included!

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