Figuring it Out, but Enjoying the Sun in the Meantime

I had a brilliant idea for a post yesterday.  But… that was yesterday and today I’ve got nothing.  

Yesterday I started seriously training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon that I will be running in October.  Though, I suppose it’s only serious if I stick with it, which means that I need to complete an easy 2 mile run today.  Which I think I can accomplish.  I mean, you know, unless there’s a CSI or Murder, She Wrote Marathon on.  Is there?  Does anyone know?

I’ve been going out on interviews with smaller companies (and I use that word – company – loosely) and, after working for a large company for the past three years, I’ve decided that’s what I’m interested in.  I thought a smaller company would be good, but they’re not offering what I want.  The room for growth is minimal and the roles seem rather undefined.  So, if anything good is coming out of the awfulness of the job search it’s that – I’m starting to know what I want (or, at least, what I don’t want).   

I’m still looking at school, but Wes is right: I need to start thinking about what I want to do in order for school to be worthwhile.  So maybe I should spend some time figuring that out.  

In the mean time, I’ll keep looking for a job and enjoying my summer off.  Speaking of, is 9:00 too early to go to the pool?

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