I cry at television shows.  And not just shows that I’m into.  

I cried when CJ’s almost-boyfriend (played by Mark Harmon) was killed on The West Wing. I cry watching Charmed, which I watched regularly when it was on.  But I will also cry at random shows I just happen to be watching.  

Like right now, with Grey’s Anatomy.   I barely like this show (Seriously, why is the main character so damn annoying?  Why does Katherine Heigl insist on being such a bitch to the tv series and movies that make her money?), and I’m not entirely sure why I’m watching it.  Well, actually, I do know: I haven’t quite figured out the channels down here so I just go with what I know.  The guide thing has over 400 channels and I don’t have the energy to scroll through all of those just to find something to eat dinner to.  

So I chose a show with lots of blood.  Brilliant idea.

And now I’m hooked, for at least the rest of the show.  And it’s getting to me.  All the people dying, or almost dying, all the marriages crumbling because the black doctor-wife is saving a white supremacist.  And all of that gets to me so that I am almost crying. 

Almost, but not quite.  But there’s still twenty minutes left to make that happen.  Seth Green’s character, whose artery ruptured (the one in his neck), still has a chance to die.  And just as I typed that, he was flat-lining and the pretty young soon-to-be doctor was whispering, “Please live.  Please live.”  Cue the tears.

I do not, however, cry at commercials.  Well, that I can remember anyway.  So that’s at least something.

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  1. Mama

    This whole crying thing you get from me – you’re welcome! 🙂

    While reading your “Canada, eh?” post I almost cried. Why? I’m not sure – it’s really not that much further than Seattle, yet it seems so far away. I’m thinking, maybe, because it is another country.

    Know that your dad and I will support you in whatever you decide. We love you!

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