Weekend Preparations

This weekend my parents are coming in for a quick trip – seriously, it’s less than 36 hours – so I’m preparing for the visit.  There’s nothing like an impending parental visit to motivate a good cleaning.  

We are slowly setting up our apartment so that it looks like we actually live here.  Pictures, shelves, mirrors and even bikes are being hung.  We’re hoping to create more space here so that we don’t have random things everywhere you look.  It’ll be a slow progress, but at least we’re starting.  We have some ideas and now we’re just looking for things that fit us, our apartment and our budget.  

Wish us luck.  

In the mean time, I’m trying to get everything cleaned up.  Everything that has a place to be in its place.  Instead of wherever I happened to leave it last time I used it.  

The problem that I’m having, though, is this: I am a perfectionist, of sorts.  And not in that I will do something until it’s perfect sort of way; I’m a perfectionist in the sense that if I can’t get it perfect then I don’t even like to try.  So, while the apartment is still in a state of flux I don’t really care to even try to put it together.  When I get the idea to add something, I want it right now and not in three months after we’ve looked at ever style of dresser/entry table/desk/whatever else we’re looking for.  I mean, obviously I will look until I find something I like.  But when I find it, what’s the point of looking else where?  

Wes, well, he’s not so much like that.  We’ll find something we both like and then a week later he’ll say, “Oh, hey, there’s this furniture place down the street.  Let’s check it out.”  And we’re back to square one.  He likes to take his time to make sure that we get what we want.  And I just want it done. 

But at least right now we’re on the same page with what we want and the look we’re going for.  And until we get that look right, I’ll just keep finding ad-hoc homes for all the stuff in our apartment. 

My parents fly in tomorrow morning and we’ll show them around here: our apartment, our town, the cute towns surrounding ours, etc.  And then in the evening we’re going to see the Dodgers-Brewers Game in Los Angeles.  I’ve never been to Dodger Stadium and I’m really looking forward to the famous hot dogs.  I hear they’re not as great as they’re rumored to be, but I’m still going to try them.  I’m a sucker for a ball game hot dog.  

Before that we’re just going to wander around LA and see the sights and enjoy some family company.  

Ok, back to cleaning.

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  1. Mama

    GREAT place! We had a wonderful weekend!

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