Retail Therapy

In spite of the fact that I still have yet to find a job, I have done a little retail therapy, hoping that this would be a way to lessen the funk that seems to have settled around me since moving here.  Mostly I’m okay, but every once in a while it hits me that, hey, I have no friends here.  I have no job.  And I don’t when I’ll get either of those things.

So Tuesday morning I managed to shower before noon and hauled myself off to the Apple store.  Several of my friends went in on a gift card to said store so that I could purchase an iPhone of my very own.  Very sweet of all parties involved, considering how expensive those damn things are – and then add on all the extras and the price just keeps rising.

I used a Blackberry at my last job and was so used to having the internet at my fingertips that I was a little worried about going to just a regular old phone.  I mean, yes, of course it can make calls, but it can’t do anything else!  What can I do with a phone like that besides, you know, make calls?  But the price of it just kept putting me off – coupled with the fact that I have no incoming, um, income.  And then I got the gift card and had no choice but to get one.  I mean, what else am I going to spend $200 on at Apple?

Here’s the thing I didn’t count on: I spend a lot of time at home, close to my computer.  So right now the iPhone is utilized as a phone only (imagine that).  And I don’t spend nearly as much time on public transportation as I used to, so that leaves out all of my outside trips.  But I do have a fancy green case for it, which spices things up for me.  And I’m learning how to use it and generally liking it.  Hopefully, when I figure it out I will love it like everyone else does.

On top of the phone, I also spent some time at Etsy buying delicious pouches and totes.  I’m thinking that my fancy black wallet will be out of place in Belize, so I was looking for a small pouch to take with me.  I found about a dozen that I liked, but finally settle on this one, and this one.

I have to say, I’ve never been a huge fan of pouches before, but I love these.  They are so cute and fun and hold my cards and cash and the squirrel one even fits my camera!  They’ll be perfect for Belize and perfect for adding some fun to my purse.

So Retail Therapy, it works.  Sometimes.  Especially when you get things in the mail.

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