Belize Me, It Will All Work Out

We leave for Belize this weekend, stopping in Miami for a connecting flight.  And guess who might keep us in Miami longer than we anticipated or thought?  Gustav.  Hurricane Gustav, that is.  Hopefully he’ll be well out of our way by the time we fly out.

Obviously, there’s always that possibility but I’m not going to freak out about it.  Or really think about it, in hopes that if I pay it no mind it won’t actually happen.

Instead, I’ll focus on the awesome things that we’re going to do.  First and foremost, diving.  I am so unbelievably excited to dive in clear waters (clearer than Catalina, which was pretty fucking clear).  I am so excited that Wes purchased the underwater case for his camera so that we can look back at them later and remember how awesome it was that we were able to do this.

We’re also going to try to go cave tubing, sink hole repelling, zip lining and, of course, visit the Mayan Ruins.  I’m wondering how we’re going to fit this all in in just a week, but I’m sure we’ll find a way.  

I’m looking forward to some romantic dinners with new food that is, hopefully, yummy.  

Mostly I’m just looking forward to getting away from here for a week.  To putting behind this whole find-a-job business and the stress that goes along with that.  When I get back I’m going to have to put some serious time and effort into that and it will be nice to be on a vacation where that doesn’t factor in.  To get away and relax and forget that there are responsibilities that await me back at home.  

Maybe I’ll come back refreshed – mind, body, confidence, all of it – and ready to tackle the job market in a way that I haven’t been since I moved here. 

Or maybe I’ll just come back wishing I was back in Belize and swimming with the fishes.  Either way, it’s going to be a damn good time.

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