Wherin I ask the internet who to vote for

Yes, I’m dating a Republican. No, I don’t especially like it. Mostly, I ignore it – which is easy to do since I’m the one making a big deal out of it.

But lately, what with the election and all, I’m having a hard time letting it go. It scares me that McCain and Palin could win. I am offended that McCain picked Palin just to pick a woman and I can’t understand why women (and men) are falling for it.

So tonight Wes and I took some quizzes: who we should vote for if we had no clue. I am astoundingly (is that the right word- there’s been some wine) for Obama on these quizzes. He’s sort of split. Which makes me happy.

But still…. This election scares me. Scares me for the kids I might want to have. Scares me for the kids friends and family are having. Is it too rash to say unequivocally that I won’t have kids if Palin/NcCain win?

I thought not.

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