Welcome Home


Welcome Home Presents

Welcome Home Presents

 That’s my signed first edition David Sedaris book, nestled between miniatures of the columns at Powell’s Bookstore, my home away from home when I’m in Portland (so I guess that would actually make it my home away from my home away from home.  Or something).  Wes got them for me as a Welcome Home present when I finally made my last trip from San Francisco to Orange County.  

A very welcome surprise.  I’ve added it to my now-small-but-hopefully-growing Rare Books.   The book next to it is a collection of stories from J.D. Salinger, some of which have never been published before (including the short story that developed into The Catcher In The Rye).  

David Sedaris is coming to Long Beach next month and I scored tickets to see him, so hopefully I’ll add a personal note to the signature.  You know, because I’m sure that we will make a connection worthy of a personal note.  I’ve been wanting to see him ever since I missed his appearance in Santa Barbara about six years ago.  Except, not having a car, I rarely listened to the radio and wouldn’t find out he was coming until it was too late.  This time, though, the signed first edition spurred me on and I searched his dates until I found the one that worked for me.  

I cannot wait to see him speak.

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