Sock Weather!

One of the things I really miss about San Francisco (and Idaho, and Utah) is the weather.  The cooler temperatures, to be exact.  When I was working in Palo Alto and living in San Francisco, I loved when I’d come from weather too hot to even want to go outside to the chilly confines of the city.  On my commute home you could tell when the temperature changed and it was one of the best parts of the day.  I loved the jackets, scarves, hats and socks that kept me warm.  

Now, those same jackets, scarves, hats and socks that were such a staple of my wardrobe are now hiding in my closet.  

And this doesn’t mean that I don’t like the sun – I spent as much time as anyone at the park enjoying the sun – it just means that I like seasons as well.  And I prefer the colder ones to the disgustingly hot ones.

Southern California, unfortunately, is lousy with hot weather – keeping the cool days as rare as the hot days in San Francisco.  And yeah, it’s fun when you can sit by the pool or hang out at the beach.  But I’m ready for a change.

This week has been surprisingly cool in the mornings and I’ve finally been able to get away from my uniform of shorts and tank tops and put on jeans and a light t-shirt.  And, oh, man, has it made a difference in how I feel.

I know it won’t last.  In fact, it probably will start to warm up in the next two hours or so.  And getting through the winter season won’t be as exciting without the threat of snow (but I haven’t had that since I left Idaho, so I suppose I should be getting used to that) or really cold days.  But I’ve got two trips to Portland and one to Boise planned for this winter, and that will help.

In the mean time, I’m enjoying sock weather:


Sock Weather

Sock Weather

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