Things I’m Doing to Avoid Folding Laundry

One of the things that I hate about staying at home all day (other than the boredom that sets in around two o’clock) is that I’m left to do the laundry.  Not all the time, of course, but most of the time I do it.  And yeah, it adds to my day, but man, it’s still an awful thing to do.

First there’s the sorting, which I’m hoping to get away from by sorting it in hamper, which, so far (and it’s only been one load), is working.  But then there’s the walking down the flights of stairs (two of them) and over to the laundry room.  And then after that you’ve got to go back down to change it over and then go back one more time to remove it from the dryer!

This new apartment is a better than my last apartment in terms of laundry facilities because there are several laundry rooms with 8 washers and dryers in each room, so that way you don’t spend all night or day washing clothes.  

But still….it’s a pain.  I can’t wait until I have a house with laundry in it.  Here’s hoping that I don’t live in apartment buildings forever.  Damn you California and your expensive housing!  

The big problem with the laundry though, is that there is so much of it.  Who knew that two people could generate so much dirty laundry?  So instead of just one trip down with two loads of laundry, I’m splitting up the darks and lights into four loads.  Good God, it seems like all we do is go around changing clothes every thirty minutes and throwing them in the laundry.

(Incidentally, that’s how my brother and I were forced to start doing our own laundry.  We would throw clean clothes into the laundry to avoid having to hang them up.  I know, so sneaky.  I’m surprised my mom ever caught on.)

(Also, why is it the woman who is always doing laundry?  I might have to make some changes once I start working and have a little more leverage of the “I don’t have time” sort.)

Any how, for right now I’m the laundress.  Because, what else is taking up my day?  Well, here is what I’m doing to avoid folding the laundry that taunts me from its basket:

1) Blogging, which I now have to step up since this has gone out to all of my family (welcome to my life, but let’s keep it between the internet pages, shall we?  No need to call to discuss my laundry stories, or whatever the case may be)

2) Watching Ellen.  I still think she’s very funny no matter what anyone else thinks.

3) Wondering why the hell the Apple people would show me how to do something on their computers and their iPhones without asking me if I had made the first step to sync the two?

4) Wondering when I will go back to Apple to make the aforementioned first step to sync my computer and iPhone.

5) Wondering (lots of wondering going on over here) if I’ll make it through the Half Marathon I signed up for in October.

6) Waiting for Wes to call me to pick him so that he can play soccer and I can run (in hopes that I will be prepared for the 13.1 miles that wait for me in San Francisco).

Still, the laundry is there.  And I should probably fold it before it wrinkles, as laundry is wont to do.

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