Silicon Valley Ruined All Future Jobs for Me

I miss my old job.  Wow.  I never thought I would say that.  

Yes I complained about it a lot, but hear me out: the rest of the world is not like Silicon Valley.  Not even remotely close.  

I’m doing this temp thing and the place I’ve been at for the past two days is dreary.  That is really the only way to describe it.  The walls painted a pale shade of pink, probably a decade old from the peeling look of it.  The carpets are stained and faded with age.  And the cubes are so tiny.  Small enough so that they can pack those people in there. 

It’s like the office you saw in all those movies that made you think, I’m going to work in a place like that someday?  And not in a good way. 

The CEO at my last company had a say in everything from the carpet to the chairs in the conference rooms.  And we hated it because nothing ever got completed on time.  Some of the things were outlandish and no one knew why they were chosen.  And I think the majority of employees agreed that maybe she didn’t have to deal with such minutiae like the window coverings.

After seeing what’s out there, though, I miss it.  Miss the way she cared so much about the company that she wanted to pick out every little detail.  After all the interviews and meetings I’ve been on in the last three months I actually wish I was back there.  

Wes and I have talked about how I was spoiled at my last job (and I really was), but I didn’t fully understand it until I got out of there.  Free snacks, drinks and lunches are not the norm outside of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.  There are no gyms or transportation alternatives or free fruit in the mornings.

 I got lucky on my first job, I know, but now I think I might be ruined for all future jobs.

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