Benefit of the Doubt

That’s what I’m asking for here.

Yes, I’ll admit, it’s almost eleven p.m. on a Saturday night, but you should really give me the benefit of the doubt.  As long as I can navigate the backspace (I promise I won’t use the spell check) I think you should read me (if you’ve gotten this far).

Okay, I admit, I’m writing this with one eye closed (hi mom and dad!) but, please, keep reading.

Wes and I started watching Mad Men and he can’t decide if it’s a good show because they men treat the women like shit or because it’s a genuinely good show.

I say it’s both.   The great thing about this show is that everything that “modern day” women experience has already happened.

Wes, of course (like most men), doesn’t want to believe that I made my success by my looks but the truth is that I did.  I made friends with all the departments and spent my time drunk more times than I would care to admit.

All for the sake of my career.

I flirted with anyone who came past my cube.  And guess what?  It helped.  I didn’t burn any bridges and I could ask just about anybody to write me a recommendation.   I knew my job and I did it well.

So, while we’re watching Mad Men of course most people are bound to talk about the horrible treatment of women.  But guess what, that still happens today.  I’m successful because I know who I’m going home with.  Sure I’ll flirt with the lawyer, but I certainly won’t go home with him.

So I wonder who’s better off: the woman who thinks she gets the Madison Avenue Man all to herself, or the one who knows she shares him?


P.S. I’m drunk.

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