I have a job.  And, boy, does it feel good.  It has taken the weight of four jobless months off of my shoulders.

I never thought I’d be so excited about going back to work.

I interviewed for the position last Wednesday adn was totally unsure of how I’d done.  During and immediately afterwards I felt like it had gone great.  But the further I got away from it the less sure I was.  And then days went by and I didn’t hear anything.  I called the recruiter I was working with on Tuesday but only got her voicemail.  I was sure that when I finally did get a call back (if I did), it would be to tell me that they “went in a different direction.”

So I settled in and accepted an interview for a 4-6 week placement.  And by interview I mean the woman wanted to meet me to make sure that I was socially acceptable and presentable – I know, I did the same thing when hiring temporary receptionists.  And guess what?  I’m very personable and the woman liked me.  Could I start the next day?  Unsure of what was happening with the job I wanted, but knowing that I needed some sort of income, I accepted.  I even took a drug test in preparation for my first day.

Two hours after I accepted, and just after I finished peeing in a cup for a temporary job I got a call from a number I didn’t know.  I almost didn’t answer but Wes convinced me (“Just answer it.  I hate it when people screen!”) so I did.  And it was the hiring manager offering me the position with all sorts of nice words about how excited the team was at having me.  I’m not entirely sure if everything he said was the absolute truth, but after feeling like companies were rejecting me, it was so nice to hear.

So I start next Monday and am super excited.  I look forward to actually contributing something again – instead of just watching bad tv all day.

But underneath that excitement is a little bit of fear.  Fear that somehow, in the next week, something will happen.  You know, like I don’t pass the background check (knock on wood) (which I’m about 99.9% sure that I will – which is sort of the problem.  The assurance.  When it comes to that I always feel like the other shoe is about to drop.)

But beyond that I’m just incredibly excited.  This is the job that I wanted.  This is a great company with great benefits and I’m looking forward to the position – what it is and what it can become, what I can make it.  The possibilities.  They are almost endless.

I just need to get through this next week while I prepare to start next Monday.


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3 responses to “Finally!

  1. Mama

    Congratulations! Good job on hanging in there and not letting depression set in. I am very proud of you! Love you!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a fab job and those are in high demand nowadays.

  3. d

    Thanks! I’m super excited and nervous. But mostly excited.

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