The Surreal Life

img_0001I met Heather and John Armstrong last night while they were visiting the LA area.  And yes, the almost-four hours that I spent in the car for the maybe 15-minute meeting were totally worth it.  Although, the whole thing was absolutely surreal.  The two women I was in line with and I just kept saying, “This is so weird.  What do we say to her?”

Turns out what you say to one’s most favorite blogger is this, “Are they asking you to show more cleavage?”  Inappropriate?  Maybe for some people, but I think that dooce (I also learned that it’s dooce, not Dooce, which is something that I can relate to) can handle it.

I brought in my copy of her book to sign and felt a little silly after seeing that I was possibly the only one in line who had brought something to be signed.  But then, the tv crew (yes, there was a tv crew) was excited to see that I had brought it and I suddenly felt like the only real fan there just because I had brought the damn thing, so it worked out well.

But still, the whole event was just weird. And I kept thinking to how this whole thing started with a blog she started for fun and then it turned into this huge thing and now she’s meeting random people who read about her life and comment on her cleavage when they finally get to the front of the line.  That is her life now.  How crazy is that?  She supports her family by writing about her life and I am so terribly jealous of that.

Probably the best part of meeting Heather and John was when John asked if I’d commented before because he remembered the lowercase d in my name.  I might have swooned a little bit because he is just as handsome in person and oh my god, he recognized my name!

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