Happy Thanksgiving

Some things I’m thankful for:

  • Being in Idaho with the sort of cold weather
  • Living with my boyfriend after living hundreds of miles away for almost a year
  • Having Thanksgiving with my family
  • Finally having a job

But mostly it’s just being home.  I forget how much I really enjoy Idaho (in spite of whatever shit I talk about it when I’m not here).  It’s so nice to experience fall after having a steady stream of 70-degree weather.  It’s cold, but not too cold, which has been nice.  Wes and I took a walk with my dad and actually had to unzip our jackets.  Too many layers, apparently, but it was a nice introduction to cold weather.

Tomorrow we’re headed to a BSU game (smurf turf! which I’ve marched on but never seen a BSU game played on) and maybe some Black Friday shopping.  But mostly it’s just enjoying being back in a cold environment and visiting family and friends.

I write a bit about how much I dislike Southern California and it’s for one large reason: everything is the same.  Nothing changes.  It doesn’t matter where you go, everything is the same: rich people with rich wardrobes driving fancy cars.  Of course, like every generalization, there are exceptions to the rules, but this is what I’ve found. And walking along the green belt today made me realize that I’m looking for more than a mall that has a Versace stor situated next to a Gucci store.  I miss the cold weather and the outdoors.  But mostly I miss the people I care about.

I could get into San Francisco because I had a friend base that I cared about.  I missed them when I left and I still keep in touch with them.  Mayve that’s what makes a home: the people around you.  And the people around me here are awesome.

Almost enough to make me want to move back.

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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Mama

    It was great having you home for Thanksgiving! Love you!

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