Booze Cruises and Furniture

Third week into my new job and I have no time for anything – especially blogging.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I’m still reading a lot to reach my goal of 100 books (only four more to go!) and I’m hoping that when I finish that project I’ll have more time to sit down and write something coherent and meaningful(ish).

Tonight is Wes’ company party.  It’s on a boat and is what the kids might call a Booze Cruise (or is that Crooze?  I don’t even pretend to know).  And, of course, there is no formal dinner.  Just appetizers and an open bar.  His company sure likes their alcohol.  I don’t know that I’ve been to (or heard of) any event that doesn’t include an open bar.  12 Hour classes followed by an open bar.  Three days worth of meetings followed by an open bar.  It’s dangerous really.  Not so much for the driving drunk (there’s usually hotels involved – I guess that had to cut dinner in order to afford the hotel rooms for everyone), but because of what can happen when one is faced with an open bar and forced to socialize with one’s boyfriend’s coworkers.

Don’t worry, I’m going to be on my best behavior tonight.

And then tomorrow our grown up furniture will arrive.  A beautiful dresser and nightstands for our bedroom, followed by the mirror which is backordered until the end of December or early January.  We moved the ginormous desk out of the bedroom last night and repositioned it in the living/dining room (should be the dining room but it’s really too small to house a table and chairs comfortably – especially with the surfboard in the corner and the bikes hanging from the ceiling).  Saturday will find us sorting through desk things and clothes, hopefully discarding things we haven’t used and don’t need.

When I lived in San Francisco I didn’t have a dresser for various reasons (one of which was that Wes and I would eventually buy furniture together so I’m glad that one at least was a valid reason) and I was so excited to move down here and have access to half a dresser.  Just half was enough to make me swoon!  And it really worked out for those first couple of months when all I wore was tank tops and shorts, but now I’ve had to branch out and I’m back to that familiar feeling of Holy shit, I completely forgot about that shirt.

So the thought of all those empty drawers waiting to be filled with my collection of clothes is more than a little exciting.  And the nightstands.  Just waiting to be filled with my books and phone and whatever else nightstands hold.  Seriously, what do they hold?  A bottle of wine?  Mini bottles of alcohol?  I’m open to suggestions.

After the newness of those articles have worn off we’re moving right on to our coffee table (which will also, magically, double as our “kitchen” table) and a desk.  We just need to figure out how it will all fit together – more like how all of our other stuff will fit around it. Because seriously, we have a lot of stuff.  I’m really hoping that the new furniture will turn us into an organized household.

More likely, though, it will just turn into a disorganized but tidy household with nice furniture.  And I think that, in the place we’re in now, I’m okay with that.

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One response to “Booze Cruises and Furniture

  1. Mama

    Send me pictures of the new furniture, please!?

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