Wishing for Snow

I finished my 100th book.  Finally!  Well, actually, I finished it last weekend but haven’t updated because I suck at finding time.  Wait, not, let me ammend that: I suck at making time for it.  I’d much rather sit back and watch reruns of Top Gear on BBC America, which I just learned we get and will probably not changet he station for a very long time.

So after eleven months, one week of constantly reading reading reading, I am done.  That monkey on my back is going to have to find another host.  And finishing before December 31st means that I win a free dinner from a friend in San Francisco, who has to fly down here to give it to me.  This is the same friend who doubted that I would make it to the halfway mark on time and, when I did, had to buy a bottle of wine.  I can’t believe she doubted me.

100 books over the course of the year and do you know what I learned?  Pretty much nothing.  I can hardly remember all the books – and I’ve even got a list of them – let alone tell you what that book I read back in March was about.  I can tell you which ones I thought were good, but not why; which ones I thought were awful, but probably couldn’t give you an accurate plot synopsis for it.  It’s the basic quantity over quality argument, and this time I’m siding with quality.  All those books I remember enjoying will prbably have to be reread so that I can remember why I thought they were good.  But I won’t force myself to read three books a week.  Finish one and pick up another before you have time to fully digest the last one.  That’s not really the way I like to read so this goal has been pretty draining.  For once I actually dreaded reading.

So what’s up for 2009?  Another list, but this time I’m not going to push myself to read.  Read. READ!  I’m just going to go at my own pace and see how many books I actually read in a year.  Will be anywhere close to 100?  Or will most of my reading be in the way of blogs, magazines and internet?  We shall see.


In other news, it’s December 14th and all over the world (um, by which I mean Washington, Oregon and Idaho) it’s snowing.  Here, though, it’s about 68 degrees.  And while most people would really enjoy that, I don’t.  I want snow.  I want mountains and skiing.  I want, in short, winter.  Not this sad excuse for winter.  We’re off to Portland for Christmas to see Wes’ new neice and help celebrate her very first Christmas.  And it’s cold there so, like Idaho, we’ll be equal parts ecstatic and horrified while we’re there.

His neice will be close to three months old by the time we see here.  We’ve seen our friends’ baby more than we’ll probably see Wes’ niece in the next year.  Have I mentioned that living so far away from family sucks?  Well, take note: it does.  Still, three months is better than a year old.  And at least now she’s passed that new born stage where she doesn’t do much.  Now we can see smiles and hear laughter.  She’ll have a sort-of-personality by the time we get there.  and we are both looking forward to meeting her.

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