Rainy Monday

Did you know that Christmas is in less than two weeks?  Down here the only thing that reminds me of Christmas is the fact that it’s snowing every where else. Um, no, not that I’m jealous or anything.  It’s hard to get in the Christmas/Holiday mood when it’s 65-70 degrees every single day.  And when you don’t decorate because why bother when you’re just flying “home” for the actual event?  So, yeah, I’m stuck looking at my credit card bill to remind that the gift giving season is upon us.

Well, that and the rain that started late last night.  Glorious rain.  Crazy that I love it, you’re thinking?  Well, it’s something different than the endless sunny days we always get down here.  Seriously, too much of one thing is not a good thing – I don’t care what Mae West said.  I opened my blinds at work today and enjoyed the downpour, which turned to a drizzle, all day.  It would have been nice to have the rain over the weekend when curling up with a good book or movie, hot cocoa and possibly a stew.  But I’ll take what I can get.

I’m mostly done with Christmas shopping but I still feel like I need something more for my dad.  And I haven’t quite figured out what that is yet.  But there’s still time, right?  I had plans to send Christmas cards this year – how grown up and pretentious, right? – but I was all set to pick out cutesy pictures of me and Wes and send them to all our loved ones.   But, of course, that didn’t happen for various reasons.  The main one being: I was being lazy.  Perhaps next year.

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