Negative Nancy

That’s what I’ve been calling – privately, of course – a coworker of mine.  She’s worked at the company since before the current comany owned so, of course, she knows everything about everyone.  And not in a particular way but in the general Oh, they won’t agree to something like that. As a group she’s quick to make judgements based simply on the fact that she’s worked in the same building (not even the same company – they do different things!) for over ten years.  She’s quick to cut in on conversations around her – even if they have nothing to do with her and you didn’t ask her opinion – and she’s not willing to listen to your reasoning behind your choices.

So, yes, lately she’s been driving me crazy.  Just hearing her arguments against my choices puts me in a bad mood.  Here I am getting ally psyched about an event that I’m in charge of – an event in which I don’t have any boss lurking over my shoulder – and she keeps shooting down all the ideas I have.  And she doesn’t even have a say in what’s going on!  She’s not involved in this project in any way, excpet for the fact that she wants to be Negative Nancy to everything I say.

So I’ve got to work doubly hard to keep the excitement I felt upon starting said project.  I know that not everything I have will work out the way I see it, but excitement is what’s giving me good ideas.  Ideas that will, hopefully, pan out into something awesome.  Something that will get other excited and want to join the event.

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