Slow Day

Pretty much the whole of Washington and Oregon is shut down due to weather (read: lots and lots of snow), which means two things: 1) Since our HQ is in the Portland area and has been shut down, things are pretty slow at work; and 2) Since Wes and I fly into PDX tomorrow for Christmas festivities, we’re still unsure as to whether (weather!) or not we’ll make it there.

Just my luck that I’m always complaining about not having a white Christmas when I fly to cold weather states and this year there’s a practical white out which leaves my plans in jeopardy.

Tonight Wes and I will exchange some small stocking stuffers to get into the holiday spirit.  We plan on staying up until midnight, so at least we open them on Christmas Eve.  I guess what I really wanted to do was start our own traditions – even if it was just felt stockings and a few small gifts.  It’s still something that we can look back on in the years to come – our own celebration before the big one.

But seriously, the boy is very hard to shop for.  Not larger things, but the small stocking stuffer things.  Things that I think are fun and whimsical he would not understand.  For instance, he likes his butter spreadable so used to buy margarine.  I’m a butter user.  So he’s taken to buying smaller tubs of spreadable butter while I use the sticks.  One day while we were shopping I picked up a butter dish, thinking that it would be a good idea to get one to limit our butter buying and still keep his butter spreadable.  He did not understand why I would do that when the tub of butter was working perfectly fine for him.  And there have been a couple of gifts that I thought would be perfect but I’m pretty sure would be exactly like the butter dish, which I guess makes them not perfect at all.

My boyfriend, he is hard to shop for.

Our flight, if it actually leaves, is tomorrow at 10:30 and according to weather reports it’s supposed to be clear today through tomorrow evening.  Just enough time for us to get in and enjoy the cold and snow.  If we do make it we have to call Wes’ sister so she and her family (including the new baby) can stay at their parents house and be sure to make Christmas.

And Christmas?  Well, this is my first year away from my family.  There was one year (I think) in college that I didn’t make it home until after the actual day, but my parents held off on gifts and I was able to spend the day with my extended family in Santa Barbara.  Last year we made a whirlwind two-week trip to both our families’ to celebrate but this year that wasn’t possible – not to mention it was exhausting.

If we do make it to Portland it’s still unsure whether all of the packages will also make it.

At least it will be white and cold and full of babies.  Well, one baby, anyway.

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