Out With the Old, In With the New

So what is NaBloPoMo, you’re asking?  It’s something that this lovely lady set up as a sort of answer to NaNoWriMo.  But what it menas for me is that I’ve (foolishly, stupidly, awesomely?) comitted to writing a post every day for a month.  And instead of writing during November with only 30 days, I picked January which, as we all know, has 31 days.

The topic for this month is Change.  And, really, it’s perfect for the first month of the new year when everybody sits down to make their New Year’s Resolutions.  Change is all about this time of year as we try to pick out the bad habits of the past year and end them.

2008 was awful in some ways, but it was also pretty amazing in many others.  I saw more of my family in one year than I had in the past two; and  I saw extended family as well.  There was long-distance with my boyfriend (awful); visits with friends and family (awesome); skiied in Whistler (awesome); read one hundred books (a little of both on this one); kyaked and camped on Catalina Island (awesome); held a lot of babies (awesome) and decided that that was way off in the future for me; flew to Orange County about a million times (both); quit my job (awesome at the time, but I’m starting to miss it); moved from San Francisco to Orange County to live with my boyfriend; was jobless for two months (awesome); was jobless for another two months (less awesome); learned to SCUBA Dive (awesome); took a vacation to Belize with Wes and dove; found a job; Idaho for Thanksgiving; Vancouver and Wes’ niece for Christmas; friends for New Year’s.

More of the good times than the bad, which makes 2008 a pretty good year.  Of course there’s always things that you want to change about yourself.  I like to think that I try to change them on a daily basis (okay, maybe not daily but at least when I notice them).  The basics like: keeping in touch with friends; talking to my family; not arguing with my boyfriend; letting go of anger because it doesn’t change anything.  So I’ll keep working on those because they’re important to me.  Some other big ones: exercise and budgeting my money.  Those two always seem to get me.  I’ll do great at both for a while and then something will happen and I’ll be back at the beginning.

But even bigger than all that is this one: enjoying my our time in Southern California.  Instead of sitting around and just hating it here Wes and I both agree that we need see and do everything that we can while we’re here.  Camping and hiking; museums and historical landmarks;  good (and probably some bad) restaurants; surfing (hopefully I don’t die a watery death); and, of course, amusement parks.

And, hopefully, it will all be commemorated here.  I’m sure as I start writing more my stories will get better and so will my writing.  It’ll be nice to look back at all of this when we finally make it back tot he cold, sunless Northwest.

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