Monday And No Vacation In Sight

The worst thing about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is when they end.  After that there’s not a big holiday until Memorial Day for most people.  But even with that and MLK Day and President’s Day, those are only one day off a week.  One measely day off until you plan that big vacation that will take you away from the rat race for two or more days.  These five day weeks, they are rough.  Really rough.

After four days off I’m not looking forward to going back at all.  And it’s not like after Christmas where I just told myself that three days were all I need to get through until a four day weekend.  Now it’s five days for the regular old two day weekend.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got.  It’s late and I just remembered that I hadn’t posted today so I climbed out of bed and this is what I’ve come up with.  Now, back to bed.  Sleep well, everybody.

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