There are two types of music people: those who make play lists and those who don’t.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am definitely part of the latter.  Oh, sure, I want to make play lists for every sort of event: a date night, the drive to LA, camping in Joshua Tree, trip to Boise, running, and, well, you get the picture.  I would say that at least ten times a day I wish I could pull out my ipod and listen to a play list that would fit my mood perfectly.  But I don’t.

When I sit down at my computer to make any play lists I’m bogged down by all the music I have – which isn’t a lot by some standards – and I don’t know what to pick.  I look for good music but I’m not sure how to make a play list to work out to.  I love the acoustic Foo Fighters c.d., but will it relly get me jazzed up enough to run?  It’s kind of like grocery shopping while you’re hungry: I take a little bit of everything.

Part of the problem is that the music on my ipod is not good.  Well, what I mean by that is that I have some really bad stuff on there: Britney Spears, Ashley Simpson, etc.  I even have Guns ‘N Roses.  Of course, all of these artists have their time to shine; I’m just not sure it’s in my music.  And the sheer amount of it keeps me from sitting down and figuring it all out.  Getting all the artist names to match so that The Arcade Fire becomes Arcade Fire.  It’s daunting, it really is.

Lately I’ve been listening to this Indie rock station and hearing some good music.  I tag it on my iPhone and promise to go back later and buy it.  Often, though, I’ll go a couple of weeks without remembering it and soon that song will come on the radio again and I’ll fall in love with it and tag it with my iPhone and assure myself that I will buy it as soon as I get home.  The result, as you can imagine, is repeat songs being tagged without being purchased.  It’s just laziness, really.

I want to know what these music gurus do to catalog their music.  How do they keep track and set up playlists?  Do you just set it to random and make notes when I particular song comes up that might get those endorphins running enough to get your body running?

And what about finding new music?  I think that goal is to get good music out there, but once it does get out there the people who were advocates for it are sulking because it’s too mainstream.  I thought that was the point of musicians: to give the gift of music to all.  And dammint, I want to open my gift and separate it into tiny little playlists that will fit any occasion.  I want to be Rob Gordon in High Fidelity.

Okay, maybe I don’t want to be that extreme.  But I don’t want to be able to pick out some good music to run to.  Or eat dinner to.  Or cook dinner to.

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