It’s Friday and I’m Bored

And I mean really bored.  Oh, and tired.  Instead of having a relaxing evening at home and getting to be early I watched the Miami-Oklahoma game last night.  I had a bet with Wes to see who would be the National Championship (even though Utah totally is).  I lost.  And then, instead of crawling into bed and sleeping off my loss I attended Wes’ softball game.  That started at 8:50 pm.  Which didn’t put me to sleep until close to 11:00 pm.  And for anyone who knows how much I like sleep, you’ll know this is not a good thing.

So here I am at work.  Just waiting for 3:30 when I can go home and maybe take a nap.  And then drool over and pick out a menu for next week.  Then there will be some Wii playing because it’s about time we beat all the races so that we can unlock the secret races. Yes, I might be killing brain cells on this game but I’m having fun doing it.  I’m determined to use ever character in each of their cars to find out which driver-car combination is the fastest.  Lofty ambitions, I know.

Let’s hope something more exciting happens in the next 24 hours or this weekends’ posts will be equally boring.

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