I Spend Entirely Too Much Time Reading Blogs

The thing that you need to know about me is that I get incredibly invested in things that are not entirely real.  Television shows, books and movies, for instance.  I adorded The West Wing and cried to that show more times than I can probably remember.  When Mark Harmon guest starred as the agent in charge of guarding CJ and then died just as they were about to start dating?  I was a wreck for about a week.  But it’s not just dramas that make you believe in something better; it’s any show that I watch regularly.  Like Charmed. Or ER. Or NCIS. I dont’ always continue watching the entire series (see The West Wing when the originators left the show or ER when Dr. Carter left) but when I watch them I invest myself in them.

So you can imagine what it’s like when I’m reading true stories about real people.  Real people who I could have feasibly run into while I lived in San Francisco.  I love reading their stories and getting a glimpse into their lives.  So much so that I sometimes I actually dream about them.  But not in any sort of creepy way.

Last night I dreamt that I somehow met up with Kristen and Holly and were invited to dooce’s house to watch movies.  I left before all of the details were hammered out and met up with a friend.  But while I was out with my friend I realized that I didn’t know what time to be at dooce’s.  So, of course, I leave without my phone.  Somehow, though, when I leave my friend’s house in San Francisco I’m magically transported back to Southern California.  And without my phone I can’t call so I decide to just go over to the Armstrong household (how I get to Utah and not be able to get to  San Francisco is beyond me).

So there I am in Utah, where it’s cold, standing on the front porch of the Heather and Jon’s house.  I knock but no one answers so I decide to just walk in, rationalizing that she invited me over so why not just walk in like we’re old friends.  I mean, we totally met that one time so we’re practically old friends.

The downstairs of the Armstrong dream house is huge.  And completely empty.  So I just sort of stand there and look around.  Then Leta comes down the stairs and says something that I’m sure was adorable but that I can’t remember.  And then Jon comes in from out of nowher with a bowl of popcorn and acts like a random girl standing in his front room is not completely weird.  He just looks at me and says, “Are you one of the people Heather invited over for the movie?”  I say yes and tell him that I can’t remember the time and he replies that it’s not until seven and then walks upstairs with his popcorn.

I wish I could be a little more in depth on the dream, but I’ve only just remembered that I had it.  I have some weird dreams that I can’t remember – I only have Wes in the morning saying, “Do you remember the dream you had last night?” and the only reason he remembers is that sometimes I wake him up whimpering (which is actually screaming in my dream, or possibly yelling) or saying something.

Anyway, the point of all that is that holy heck I spend a lot of time reading these people to start dreaming about them.   But I’m not going to stop.  I love their writing and their stories and it’s totally worth it if I have the occasional dream with them in it that doesn’t cross any creepy lines.  The first creep dream I have with a blogger in it I might have to cut back.


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2 responses to “I Spend Entirely Too Much Time Reading Blogs

  1. Hi! I found your blog on the NaBloPoMo January 2009 Blogroll.

    I have been wasting, er spending, an insane amount of time on blogs this month. I’m about two more feeds from dreaming about the bloggers I follow!

    I get incredibly invested in people as well – like the people on Biggest Loser, for example. If I ever met someone from TV or blogs in real life I would completely creep them out by caring SO MUCH about them when they don’t even know who I am! LOL

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