Tug of War

The problem with moving away from your home is this: whenever you visit there’s a constant tug of war for your attention.  Family and friends and just random people.  There are not enough hours in the day for all the things that everybody wants you to do.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a welcome change from what life is here where we don’t have a lot to do.  But it is exhausting.  Calculated out I think everyone gets about 3.63 hours (or something like that, I didn’t actually calculate it).  Hardly enough time.  But, that’s what happens when you move away.

Just ask my parents: sometimes they wouldn’t tell their own families or friends when they were coming back to Utah just to avoid that messy scheduling business.  One year, in fact, I did sort of that.  I flew in a couple of days early and spent some time with my best friend so that I could focus more time on my family.

But now that it’s me and Wes there’s a whole new tug of war: between our families and our friend.  Who do we spend Thanksgiving with?  What about Christmas?  These are especially hard for me because my brother and mom switch Thanksgiving, so if I commit to every other year someone is going to be sad/mad that I’ve missed their Thanksgiving again.  But if I commit to just Thanksgivings then I miss Christmas (which was harder than I thought it would be).

And don’t get me started on friends.  They’re scattered throughout the country and it’s hard to decide who we visit and when.  I mean, I know that when I hear that my friends are going somewhere else – again – rather coming to visit me I think, wtf, mate? So why wouldn’t they think that when my trips involve other friends and not them?

All this is leading to the fact that we’re going to Seattle in less than two weeks and we both have sets of friends up there that sort of overlap, but not really.  And everyone – including me – wants some private time with all of them.  I want to agree to every offer put out there, no matter how tired I think I might be when the day arrives.  Yes to the girls only slumber party and yes to hanging out with my close friend and yes to spending two nights drinking around the Wii.

It won’t happen like that, though.  We’ll do as much as we can in the less than 48 hours I’ll be there.  It will be quick and it will be sweet.  But by the end of it I will be glad to be back in my own bed where I’m not being pulled (pushing myself) 20 different directions.

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