Friday I’m in Love

For most of our relationship Wes and I have been long-distance.  Not super long distance, but long enough that we really only saw each other on the weekends.  California traffic is a bitch. Things got better when I was in San Francisco and he was in Oakland, but with our jobs it wasn’t that conducive to week nights.

And then, of course, when he moved to Orange County and I stayed in San Francisco it was all weekends.  No random week nights if either of us were having  a bad day (instead I’d hit the ladies up and fight and wake up with some fun bus stories).  So for the almost-three years we waited out the week for Friday night.  And that is how I cam to love hearing this song.

Every time I hear it I smile and think about that first year of driving between Palo Alto and Walnut Creek in rush hour traffic.  Sure the traffic sucked, but it was always worth it.

Now that we live together the only thing that Friday brings is two uninterrupted days of relaxation and sleeping in.  But I still smile when I hear it.  It reminds me that even when shit (in general)  is terrible (as it often is), Friday I’m still in love.

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