To Buy or Not to Buy

Remember that Money Diet?  Well, it’s been working out.  I don’t find myself wandering around department stores and convincing myself I need another new t-shirt, maybe two at that price.  I’ve stayed out of bookstores and haven’t done a lot of eating out.  It’s just groceries and gas for me right now.  Boring, yes, but it keeps my savings padded and is helping that credit card go down.

And yet I am right now contemplating a rather large purchase: The Nikon D80 digital camera.  It’s discounted hugely from what my dad paid for it just last year, but it’s still a huge amount of money for a camera.  A fancy camera, yes, but still a camera.  Will I use it enough and in the right way to make it worth it?  Of course I say I would, but there’s that possiblity that it would just sit in the corner, taken out only for the occasional walk on the beach or hike  while camping.

No, it doesn’t fit in the Money Diet plan at all, but it is so pretty and takes such pretty pictures.  And there are so many places down here that just need to be photographed.  On the other hand, the Money Diet was a chance to get all my finances in order so that in the future I wouldn’t have to agonize over every purchase.  Like I’m doing right now.

So I guess that means I’ll wait a little bit longer and keep checking at Circuit City to see what discounts they’re giving as they close all their stores.  When I don’t get a huge knot in my stomach at the thought of putting my credit card down then it might a sign that I really want the camera.

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