Did you watch it?  I sat in front of my computer at work streaming live through CNN to watch the Inauguration and I loved every minute of it.  Of course I wish I was there, but it was great to see it all instead of straining to hear over the crowd, but this was still amazing.

His speaking reminds me of how excited I was about politics when I would watch The West Wing, which I started watching in highschool, when I cared only about Rob Lowe and nothing about politics.  And then I watched it throughout most of college, until the writer and creater changed, and I loved the vision of politics.  I loved the greatness that was shown from all parties – Republican and Democrat.

For the past eight years it has felt like a huge divide between the parties.  When George Bush speaks I don’t feel inspired or awed; I cringe at his many slip-ups.  When I hear Obama speak I get chills and I feel excited and inspired and hopeful.  The next four years may not bring about any quick solutions, but what Obama brings – for a lot of us – is hope for a better future.  The hope that we can become better as a people.  I’m looking forward to what we can do in the next four years.

Here’s to hoping.  And doing.  And becoming something better.

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