As I mentioned before, I have some very eclectic music on my ipod.  Some of it, I’m not sure where it came from or why I have it.  Some of it’s so good I don’t care where I got, just that it finally showed up in rotation.  Because there’s so much random music I sometimes like to shuffle the songs and see what pops up.

Here are 10 songs that came up in order on my ipod this morning:

1.  Peak Out, Girl Talk:   I honestly have no idea where this song came from.  I’m wondering if I have the entire album on my ipod.  Also, who gave this to me?  My brother has a lot of crazy music, but this just doesn’t feel like him.  There’s a lot of nonsensical singing.  Another 1:41 left in this song and I’m completely unsure of what’s going on.  Random noise and music to make up a song.  Is it rap?  Techno?  I have no idea but I totally picture Big Black from Rob & Big singing it, probably Rob in the background dancing around in a mouse outfit.

2. Long View, Green Day:  This one is definitely from my brother.  I took a good majority, if not all, of his music and I know he had this c.d. growing up. Me, I never really got into Green Day.  Even when I won their American Idiot on the radio.  In high school I received a very nice poem from a friend who was in love with me and it took me about five years to realize that he stole some lyrics from this band to start it.  I was a little let down.   “Bite my lip and close my eyes/trippin’ away to paradise” – do you think he’s talking about drugs or does he just have a great imagination that takes him to paradise?

3. The Boy in the Bubble, Paul Simon: Growing up, I think my dad had all of Paul Simon’s albums (tape form) and I think that one of the very first c.ds I saw was Graceland. Still a great song, and sometimes when I hear it in the car I turn it up and rock out.  Well, as much as you can with this song.  “These are the days of miracles and wonder”.  Yes, they really are. Uplifting song, really.  And so fitting with current events.

4. River Man, Nick Drake: I first heard Nick Drake on the Garden State soundtrack and loved him.  I have no idea where this song came from and have never heard this song, but I am loving his voice.  I’ve been accused of listening to depressing music, and this definitely fits that category.  I dont’ think it would really matter what he was singing about, it would still be sad sounding.

5. Lost?, Coldplay:  Did y’all hear that Coldplay is getting sued over Viva la Vida by Peter Joe  Satriani?  Well, they are.  And if you listen to Satriani’s song they do sound eerily similar.  Also, Chris Martin will scream to his audience about how his band steals American women (you know, because he married Gwyneth Paltrow).  And yet, I do like their music.  So sappy and love-filled.  The Scientist?  It gets me every time.

6. Sweet Wine, Cream:  Yes, Cream.  What?  I have a thing for Eric Clapton.

7. South Hampton Avenue, Blessed Union of Souls:  What?  I think this is one of the many c.ds I purchased from those Columbia House offers.  Like all the rest of my music, it ended up on my ipod without a lot of thought.  Do I listen to this?  Do I even like this?  Who cares, download it to iTunes.  Song number 7 and there’s not one that I would listen to regularly.  I think it’s time to start really thinking about cleaning out my playlists. Wait, is this about divorce?  A dead brother?  A small town that’s friendly or one that is boring.  Is this Revolutionary Road in a song?  Or how we are all alike: we all live on South Hampton Avenue and we all have our problems?  No one is better than anyone, is that what you’re trying to tell me Blessed Union of Souls?

8. Here Comes Your Man/Nimrod’s Son, Pixies, live version: I was invited to a Pixies concert a couple of years (more like five) when they were playing at the Santa Barbara Bowl but I declined because I was trying not to date the guy who invited me.  I semi-regret it because he was working the sound system so I wouldn’t have had to spend too much time with him; on the other hand, he got his girlfriend pregnant a couple of years after that so maybe it’s better I declined.  Still, love the Pixies and would enjoy seeing their show.  Digging how this goes right into the next song: two for the price of one.

9. Velvet Morning, The Verve:  I have no idea.  I honestly thought this band only made one song, though for the life of me I can’t remember what it is.

10.  Another Round, Foo Fighters:  Love love love the Foo Fighters.

So that’s it.  My ten songs on random.  I think it’s time to pick an album to listen to so I can enjoy and sing along with more than one song.

What’s on your playlist?


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2 responses to “Random

  1. brudder

    Joe Satriani. Who’s Peter?

    The sang Bittersweet Symphony. Which is funny, because they got sued by the rolling stones for stealing part of the music from them for that song.

    First one isn’t mine, don’t know it.

    I can’t believed you turned down the pixies. I saw them at the big easy in 04. It was easily one of my most favorite shows of all time. They really bring it.

    • d

      Yes, Joe Satriani. That’s totally who I meant. I guess I should have looked it up instead of relying on my memory, which we both know doesn’t have a very good track record.

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