Job (In)Security

When I planned on quitting my job and joining Wes in Southern California I never expected to have a hard time finding a job.  As the date neared I started getting a little more worried, but I was still confident that something would come up.  So confident that I intended to take two months off without even thinking of seriously  looking for a job.  But as those two months stretched into four months and threatened to go on interminably, I began to worry.  The amount of money I’d put away to do nothing was starting to dwindle and the thought of touching my savings – the savings that I’d stayed in Palo Alto for – wasn’t appealing.

Then, just when I thought I was going to have to settle for temporary jobs and hope that something would open up through that, I got the job offer for my current position.  I jumped at it.  Yes it was a huge cut in pay – HUGE – but it was a job and it was more money coming in than had been in the previous four months.  The job itself fit my background and the company is located in the northwest, making a transfer possible when we finally get back up there.  So, really, I did want the job. But I also wanted more money for it.

(For reals: my pay checks are tiny.  It’s taking some time to get used to the fact that I make less money and have more expenses.  Some day I ‘ll get the hang of budgeting my money.)

But that’s not really what I’m writing about.  This week my company announced that there would be layoffs in the coming months.  Not a large amount, but enough to keep everyone here on their toes.  Will it be me? we’re all thinking.  And yes, I am thinking that as well.  I know there’s not much I can do other than doing my job and doing it well so I’m trying to do just that.  But still I have to wonder what will happen if it does happen.  Another four months – or more – of being unemployed?  Could I stay here without a job?  Could I go back to being waitress (I would probably make more money)?  Could I ask for help from Wes?

Hopefully things start picking up and I won’t have to find out the answers.  I just need to focus on what I can do better at work and hope for the best.

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