Rumpus Room Update

Apparently Craigslist chick does not like the ladies. She took approximately 3 seconds (okay, it was more like 5 hours) to respond with this:
Hi Porter,

I still have the fridge.
I will not be home tonight and I have an interview on Wednesday in San Jose.
The coffee table is a long rectangle and it is cracked the short width.
It was my first coffee table and it has been cracked for 20 years so
it works perfectly fine.
I was going to use it for my head stone when I died.
I was going to take it with me. It was going to read:

Here lies the woman who wouldn’t get rid of her coffee table.

The wall hangings are a little on the girlie side.
You are more then welcome to check the junk out.
The sentimental value is beyond anybody’s check book balance.
I live by Joinville Swim Center in San Mateo.
How about Thursday or Friday evening.

[phone number]
Perhaps Porter just sounded like he would be a better caretaker for her fridge and various junk.

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