Killing Time

Is it really only Thursday?

Even though I didn’t have to work on President’s Day it still feels like today should be Friday.  Apparently one day off isn’t enough for me.  Part of it, of course, is the weird Tuesday where I had to go into work at 8:00 pm for two hours, then come home to pick up Wes and take him to work by 11:00 pm.

Speaking of those two hours on Tuesday night, I left a bit early so that I could stop at Kinko’s to laminate about 100 sheets – part of the waste program that I’m in charge of  – thinking that it would take maybe 30 minutes for the Kinko’s crew to get it done.  I got there around 6:30 and asked about lamination and when the clerk asked when I wanted them for and I said “Tonight” she looked at me like I was mentally retarded.  “Oh, no no no,” she said.  That was absolutely out of the question.  Fair enough, I had sort of waited until the last minute to do this, even though they were open for another four and a half hours and there was no one in the store, but whatever.  So I asked when they could finish them.  The other clerk thumbed through the pages and said, “Thursday afternoon.”  Thursday afternoon to laminate less than 100 pages?  And they wanted me to pay for them?  Out of the question.  The Kinko’s in Foothill Ranch?  Does not have the greatest customer service.

But anway, back to the slow week.  Really, is it only 10:00 am on a Thursday?  I was hoping that I could just blink ahead to 1:00 pm on Friday.  I’d even go for 10:00 on Friday.  Or 2:30 pm on Thursday.

It’s been rainy down here, which means that it’s been snowing in the mountains and Wes and I plan to get some much needed (okay, fine, wanted) skiing in this weekend.  Porter is always sending me the new snow ruler and sky cams from Boise’s resort and it kills me.  At least when I lived in San Francisco there was Tahoe close by with good snow even when it was bad.  Here there’s not a lot that’s close by.  But still, my skis are looking very forlorn in the corner after not having been used regularly last season and doing nothing this season.  Hopefully it will give me some much needed practice for Pole Paddle Pedal in May, of which I am the Pole portion.

So skiing this weekend, and I’m wondering if I will even remember how to put my boots on.

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