Sick and Possibly Delirious

After what seemed like years, though in reality was only about 8 months, of not getting sick I finally caught a cold.  To be fair, though, I’m sure my immune system was compromised by Disneyland and no sleep and alcohol.  That combination can get anyone sick.

So yesterday I stayed home and watched bad daytime television and slept.  I felt much better when I woke up this morning and braved a day at work.  Not that I had a choice, really, considering they way my sick days and PTO are all pulled from the same hours which means I get, oh, ten less sick days than I’m used to.  Or, I suppose I could look at it like I get five fewer sick days and five fewer PTO days, but I don’t.  I look at it like those are all PTO days because that’s how many I’m used to, and it’s sad knowing that I have to use those if I get sick.  I guess the moral of the story is that I won’t be getting so drunk on a school night that I have to call in sick the following day.  Perhaps this is all part of my company’s plan to make sure we’re all adult-like here.

Back at work, though, I tired after just three hours.  My body is craving a bed and I would like nothing more than to allow it a mere thirty minutes of sleep, but it won’t be happening any time soon.  First there’s the little fact that I have several more hours of work left.  Second, there’s Watchmen this evening and I’d really like to see it.  I may, at the last moment, decide that sleep is the better choice, but right now I’m still holding out hope on seeing this movie.

In other news, rumor has it that it’s Girl Scout Season, but I haven’t seen anything to validate this.  My grocery store is noticably absent of any munchkins trying to sell me deliciously evil cookies; my work place doesn’t allow any solicitation (and besides that, I’m not sure anyone here is parent to a girlscout); and the only people knocking on my door are underpriveleged children wanting me to buy magazines I don’t need and can’t afford (side note: is there a way to not feel guilty when I don’t buy these things?  Because I always do and sometimes after I shut the door I just want to cry).  I think I might be the only person actively seeking someone to sell me Girl Scout Cookies.

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