A Comedy of Illness

Two weeks ago was Wes’ District Meeting.  Usually it’s held in Seattle, but this year they brought everyone to Disneyland, which means that I didn’t get to take any time off and enjoy the fancy new pool or sleeping in.  And, in an effort to save money there was also no spouse/girlfriend spa day, which I looked forward to for obvious reasons.  Instead, I went to work early so that I could get out early and join Wes and friends for evenings in Disneyland.  And then I went to bed late just to do it all over again.

The weekend before we had gone skiing and in the sun and wind my lips were seriously dried out.  I slathered lotions and lip glosses on them, hoping to stave off what I knew was coming, but it didn’t work.  Tuesday afternoon a cold sore broke out.  Now, for the past five months (ish) I have been taking Lycene (good mouth health!) every morning to stop such things, and it had been helping.  Until I decided that skiing with spf lip balm was a good idea.  The good part, though, is that the cold sore only lasted four days, as opposed to two weeks (!) and was relatively small.   The bad news is that Wes and I couldn’t kiss.

So Saturday when we can finally kiss Wes’ allergies start freaking out in the Quicksilver store in Disneyland, where we were all buying shorts to get us through the surprisingly hot day that was supposed to be overcast and chilly.  And then, after a night of heavy drinking, that allergy attack turned into a cold and, hey, no more kissing.

And Tuesday night, after a full week of no kissing we decide that, yes, he’s feeling better but let’s wait a day because I really don’t want to get sick.  After one horrible dream Tuesday night I wake up with sore throat and I’m not sure if it’s the start of a cold or if it’s just left over from all the screaming on roller coasters and loud talking Saturday night.  By Wednesdsay afternoon it’s clear that it’s a cold and we are back to no kissing.

Yesterday, finally, we were able to kiss again.  But really, it’s laughable at how much pains we went through in order to make that week of District Meeting a fun event (we were in hotels!) and it just didn’t happen.  I’m thinking the moral of the story is that maybe next time we don’t try so hard and it should all work out.

Oh, and always bring spf lip balm when out in the elements.

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