Thanks to Tylenol Cold & Flu

After spending two nights last week in a Nyquil-induced sleep I decided that over the weekend I should wean myself off of all medication and just let sleep, liquids and the sun (I suppose there are some times when living in California is a good thing) do their job to cure me.  I was feeling better Monday morning and went swimming, but just the act of that – half a mile only – was enough to drain me and Tuesday I decided that maybe I wasn’t completely healed and should therefore hold off on the exercise.

Then, after digging through a box of medications that we never unpacked – Aleve, Advil, foaming spray neosporine and various other things to make one well that will probably expire before we remember we have them – and found three doses of Tylenol Cold & Flu.  Now, I get sick a lot – well, used to anyway, I’m doing better now) – so I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  Nyquil, for one, doesn’t really work, but it knocks you into a sleep so deep that you don’t care how awful you feel, and that’s usually good enough for me.

Last year, in one of my bi-annualy colds my roommate mentioned the awesomeness of Tylenol Cold & Flu and I tried it just as I was getting sick.  I took the PM one and slept peacefully through the night (just like wtih Nyquil) and woke up feeling much better.  Another evening like that and I was fine.  Tylenol Cold & Flu worked its magic and I told anyone who was sick, or even thought they were, how great this stuff was.  However, since I haven’t been sick in almost a year I had completely forgotten about the healing qualities of those little pills.  Instead, I stocked up on Nyquil for Wes and just used it when I came down with his cold days later.

Wednesday morning after taking them I fetl awesome.  Still a little stuffy in the nose, but no aches, no sore throat, no pounding in my head.  And now I’m back to telling everyone how awesome Tylenol Cold & Flu is.  Seriously, if you’re sick or might be sick: get it.  Advantage: the non-PM formula doesn’t make you drowsy at all.  I’m the type of person who will feel most non-drowsy formulas, but not this one.


In other, healthier news, Wes and I are headed up to Santa Barbara for a quick get away this weekend.  You know, some shopping, some drinking, a secluded hot tub (as opposed to the one in our complex that, when working, is filled with a group of guys who seemed to have never left the fraternity lifestyle*).  Oh, and brunch with some old friends.  Yes, I’m feeling a little conflicted about this because, well, because we haven’t been friends in so long.  However, I’m trying this new thing where I don’t hold grudges and push people out of my life.  Perhaps they’ll never be the really good friends they once were, but it’s nice to have people you can call on. And Sunday brunches with a mimosa or bloody mary will ease any situation.

*Speaking of the fraternity lifestyle, this weekend as we were washing our car two guys skateboarded up to us in the parking lot and asked us if we wanted to play beer pong.  It was 6:30 pm.  On Sunday.

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