So….Santa Barbara

Remember when I said that I was trying this new thing of not holding grudges?  Well, that’s still technically true.  But – there’s always a but – I think that maybe it’s time to hang up old “friendships” that aren’t really much of anything.  No grudges, just moving on.

This weekend I was supposed to meet up with two old friends.  Of course that didn’t really work out.  One was too hungover to get out of bed, apparently and the other, well, I’m not sure what happened to the other.

The Other is my old roommate.  Who, when I visited for my cousin’s wedding just two months after I left couldn’t be bothered to meet me out.  “I just don’t have the energy,” she said, or something like that.  Not for breakfast, not for coffee, not for lunch or an afternoon drink.  She just didn’t have time to come out.  I did get to see her when I stopped by her house to pick up the last of my things that had been stored there.

We talk intermittently and I went to her wedding (in which I was supposed to be a bridesmaid – or so she claimed when we were living together – but I think it would have been weird to ask someone to be in your wedding when it was difficult to return any phone calls).  She’s not the great friend I once thought she was, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

When we spoke on Saturday she was so excited to be seeing me.  I think she may have let out a little SQUEEE! when I told her I was almost there.  And, so, I expected to see her.  I called her when we finally got into town but didn’t hear back from here.  No worries, I thought, she said she’d meet up for brunch tomorrow.  But then Sunday?  Still nothing.  No answer to my text message until 3 hours later, at which point we were already headed home.

So Santa Barbara.  Well, it was a nice get away.  It was nice to spend some time in a city I once called home with Wes.  It was nice to walk the streets as a tourist and not have to worry about working or being too hungover to work.  To not have to worry about the latest boy drama.  And, in the end, I think it was nice to be there without having to worry about the people I once called friends.  Now they’re just people I used to know.

Also, I love my bangs.  I can’t believe I waited so long – I have been contemplating this for months.  They’re just what I needed to make myself look presentable in the morning.

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