Home Alone

Today turned out to be one of my favorite work days: Shoe Give Away Day!  How can you not love that?  I got these delicious things:

New Shoes!

New Shoes!

They are sort of awful, but I do love them.  I’ve been wanting a pair of crazy fun shoes for a while but damn they are expensive.  So I waited.  Getting them free, however, was just what I needed to add these to my wardrobe.

It was a nice perk after I realized that I forgot my wallet this morning – I left it sitting in my purse on the couch and failed to move it to my bag when I left this morning.  Also,  I didn’t pack a lunch this morning because I had to be at work early.  Luckily I had time this morning to eat breakfast (though, apparently, no time to make a lunch or take a quick run-through of my work things).

Now I’m a waste of a person on the couch – tired and hungry and really wanting a nap.  Instead I’m watching Ellen and waiting for Wes to arrive home with the last ingredients of our dinner.  After which I will be taking him to the airport.  Which means that the weekend is all mine.  Sleeping in, eating/cooking food that Wes wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.  Like Indian food.

If the weather cooperated and allowed me to get some beach or pool time in I would be even more happy.  Unfortunately it looks like it might be a little overcast, possibly rainy.  After a week of 80-degree weather.  Get it together, Southern California!  You’re warm when I want you to be cold and you’re cold when I want you to be hot.  I’m living in bizarro world here.

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