Today is Wes’ birthday (Happy Birthday), and there is nothing more boring than a Monday birthday.  Unless you happen to have to wake up at 2:00 am the following day to make a flight.  Which Wes does.  So this birthday day is going to be relaxed.  Instead, we celebrated this weekend with a game of golf on Sunday morning, followed by an afternoon by the (newly reopened!) pool and then rounded out with a lovely dinner.

Well, it was supposed to be lovely anyway.

We’d been wanting to try Silvera’s steakhouse for a while now.  It had a nice atmosphere when we ventured in there for drinks one evening and we were hoping that it wouldn’t be as expensive as Ruth’s Chris, where we usually go for delicious steaks.

It started out nicely.  Our appetizer was delicious and our waiter was friendly, if a little forgetful.  But once our meals came (filet mignon for me, ribeye for Wes), it started quickly going down hill.  Both of our steaks were over cooked and we had to send them back with another waiter.  Who didn’t tell our own waiter – or anyone, it seemed like – what had happened.  So to our waiter, it looked like we had finished our steaks in a matter of moments and left the sides alone.  “Would you like these wrapped up?”  he asked us, and when we informed him that our steaks were overdone he was genuinely surprised.  Which genuinely surprised me.  I worked in a restaurant for nearly four years and communication was a huge part of anything.  How embarrassing to come back to your own table and not know what’s going on.

The second pass at the steaks wasn’t much better and I ended up leaving 3/4 of mine untouched.  It was flavorless and still overdone, though better than the first one.

On top of that we had two drunk beach guys sitting behind us.  One of whom was one unemployment because he paid so much in taxes last year that he felt he deserved it.  By the end of our meal we both wanted to punch this guy in the face.  Apparently he doesn’t realize that unemployment isn’t there so that you can use it; it’s there if you have to use it.  And if he’s still finding a way to eat at an over-priced Steakhouse, he doesn’t need the money.

I imagine that having a nice restaurant in Huntington Beach would be difficult.  No matter how upscale you make it, you’re always going to get guys like that coming in at all hours and ruining the ambience for the rest of us.

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