Easily Cheered

Last summer I decided that I wanted a road bike.  Well, no, that’s not entirely true.  I’ve wanted one for years, but last summer is when I decided that my budget could afford it and I started getting serious about buying one.  I asked for money for my birthday to take some of the sting out of the outrageously high prices.  And then Wes and I started looking – bike store after bike store and bike after bike we looked.  For weeks and then months.  And then it went on hold while the holidays and travel came.

Then we started looking again.  Starting over from square one because we’d heard about this Cannondale that sounded just amazing.  And the Cannondales I’d already test ridden were awesome so this other one that was supposed to be more awesome was surely The One.  Only, no one had it.  We called so many bike stores looking for this bike and the closest we got was the one lower than it.  So I rode that and compared it to the Trek that I was looking at and decided that even though the lower one wasn’t the greatest, I was confident that the one above it was the bike for me (this is how I bought my skis as well because K2 had a problem with all their demo bindings so I couldn’t demo them but bought them anyway and they were perfect so maybe I was a little prejudiced by that).  Two bike stores said they could get it for me and I played them against each other to get the lower price from the bike shop closest to me. 

I went in for a fitting and the owner, who was helping me, said that he could probably have it within the week.  So I was pretty bummed when his wife called a couple of days later to say it would take a month to get it in.  No worries, I said, I’d wait.  A month, afterall, wasn’t that long, and we did have a lot going on. 

So I waited.  And waited.  No word from the shop and I called them at the beginning of May to see what was going on.  The owner seemed a little caught off gaurd and said that it still wasn’t in and he wasn’t sure when they would get it but he was seeing his rep and would ask. 

Saturday afternoon we bought some more bike gear and I started to wonder when the hell I was going to get a bike and if, maybe, buying all the accessories didn’t seem a bit silly since I still had no bike and no idea when I would get one.  And then I was in a funk because I just really wanted a bike.  I had been thinking about this for years and when I was finally ready to shell out the money for one NO ONE WANTED TO TAKE IT. 

So Wes bought me a pen because I needed something to cheer me up.  And this was absolutely it.  I have a thing for pens, you see. 

Something to make me happy

Something to make me happy

And after the pen came Star Trek which was really fucking good.  When I was younger my parents rented all the Star Trek movies.  I fell asleep in the middle of the first one and woke up to the credits rolling on the last one and said, “Now let’s watch the next one.”  That was the last time I attempted to watch the movies and I still loved the new one.  Supposedly it answered some questions left open in the other movies, but it was a fine stand alone film.

After the movie we called every Cannondale dealer in Oregon, California and Boise.  No one had my bike and most shops didn’t sound too happy with what was going on with Cannondale – moving all production overseas.  The bike that I wanted was made in six week waves and wasn’t set to be made again until the end of June, according to one shop.  According to another, all production had been stopped while the move overseas was made.  So maybe June, maybe not. 

And then one shop metioned a Trek Madone 5.1 2008 that they had on sale.  So we packed up the car on Sunday and made our way to the shop, an hour away.  And I loved the bike.  The salesman helping us said that the Madone was a much better bike than the Cannodale I’d been looking at and even shared a story about how crashed at 50mph and his bike frame came out unharmed. 

So I was sold.  And that’s how I ended up with this beauty:

new bike

new bike

We went on a short ride yesterday after we got back and I’m happy to say that I really do love it.  I’m happy with it.  I’m looking forward to not being so slow on it in the future.  Perhaps even completing a triathlon.  We shall see what happens.

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