Who doesn’t love a blow up mattress?

I just realized that for the next four weekends I won’t be sleeping in my own bed.  I knew I was going out of town or having someone visit, but I just really didn’t put together what that means for my sleeping habits. 

But!  That’s four weeks of fun to look forward to!

This weekend we’re headed up to Bend, OR, to compete in Pole Paddle Pedal with some friends of ours.  Girls against boys and it’s tough to say who will win.  Boys may be stronger, but at least all of our team knows how to do the sport they’ve signed up for.  I think.  Ah, who cares.  It’s going to be fun.  Plus, we also get to see Wes’ niece before she’s old enough to walk.

The following weekend we head up to San Francisco to see my friend Jessica graduate from law school and visit other various friends we left up there.  Like Ashley and Dave who are newly engaged and I will get to ooh and aah over her fancy new ring.  And Josh’s new baby, who really isn’t that new any more but will still be just as adorable.  And just seeing San Francisco again will be so much fun.  I can’t believe I’ve been gone for almost a year.  I guess I can no longer tell people in the OC that “I just moved here.” 

The weekend after that my parents come into town and I’ve got to put together an itinerary that is more than just a Dodger’s game (lame).  Perhaps some places with great photo opportunities for my dad, who has lately been living behind the camera (and has some pretty awesome pictures to show for it). 

And, dear god it never ends, the following weekend we separate: Wes back to Portland for some work stuff and me back to San Francisco because the tickets were fucking cheap and I get to see people I missed because they dared to go out of town for Memorial Day. 

And then two weeks off while we recover and do laundry and do nothing but watch t.v. and movies before we pack up again and head to DC to see our lovely friends Brette and Wiley who were nice enough to put us up for a week so that we could experience the Fourth of July in the nations capitol.  We’re pretty stoked about it.  But the closer it gets the more we realize that we need to sit down and plan out the week so we don’t end up drunk and hungover and miss out on everything that is DC. 

After all the fun travelling, the weddings start.  Oh, god, the weddings.  Four weddings in four months and only one is local.  I guess this is the year that everyone gets married.  A friend of mine said that in her 27th year she went to 13 weddings.  13!  I’m complaining about four and she went to 13.  I think I would have to start paring that number down and just send gifts instead of myself.  I told Ashley and Dave that they weren’t allowed to have a 2009 wedding because it would just be too much for me.  Already my head wants to explode with all the travel and gifts involved in a fucking wedding.  Hopefully it calms down in 2010 – or at least becomes a little more spaced out. 

In order to prepare for this weekend I’ve got to make a play list for our team.  I have been dreading this ever since I got the job because just the thought of searching through my itunes library gives me a headache.  I may have to call in some reinforcements (I’m looking at you, Porter) to help me out.

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