Family Weekend

My parents drove into town yesterday for a weekend visit.  Not until just before they arrived did I realize that I hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving.  Six months ago.  We talk regularly so it doesn’t seem like such a bad setup, but when I stop to think about how long we go between visits, that’s when I start to miss them.

I’m going back to Idaho for a family reunion in July and then we won’t see each other until Christmas.

So while they’re here I will work on enjoying having them around instead of focusing on how they are stealing my bed and forcing me and Wes to sleep on an air matress.  Just kidding, they’re not forcing us at all.  In fact, we’re sort of forcing them to stay with us because it’s just so much easier than dealing with driving to and from a hotel every night.  It’s not like San Francisco where it’s all fairly convinient to get to.   Here it’s much easier to get cozy in our apartment.

Also, as my dad pointed out, we don’t have to be as strict on the alcohol consumption.   Which is ideal when we get back from dinner tonight and enjoy more wine and perhaps a fun game of dominoes.

Other things on our plan for the weekend are fun things in LA.  Like the Farmer’s Market.  The Griffith Observatory.  Possibly the Getty Grounds again because it is gorgeous and my dad could take some amazing pictures here that I would totally pass off as my own.

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