Shortly after Pole Paddle Pedal I got a bee in my bonnet and was all set to enter some races and compete instead of just sort of finishing.  Not that just finishing is a bad thing.  But I wanted to set goals and meet them and then beat them and then set more goals.  I envisioned 5k, 10k, half marathons and full marathons; triathlons and bike races and perhaps next year go back and do Pole Paddle Pedal with maybe only three teammates and see what I was capable of.

Unfortunately it never even got to the planning stage of it as one weekend after the next filled up with activities that didn’t include me competing in any kind of race, unless Who can eat the most food and drink the most alcohol in one weekend counts as a race.  In which case, I think I came in the top three for the past three weekends.

And yes, the next several weekends are filled with various activities (hopefully one of those activities is this) so many activities that I’m tired just thinking about them all.  But, this weekend with my parents taught me something I sometimes have a hard time grasping: You don’t need to open that third bottle of wine.  I didn’t wake up hungover at all this weekend and probably could have fit in a run if it hadn’t been for all the (fun!) activities that we packed into the (too) short visit with my parents.

So what really needs to happen is that I need to not only pack workout clothes, which I usually do, I need to actually put them to use.  Which means this weekend I will spend some time doing something other than destroying my liver.

Surely this weekend will be more calm than the last three weekends because I’ve lived in San Francisco so I don’t need to be going going going all the time.  Due to an unforeseen, and unfortunately sad, changes I get to spend more time with more people – explore the old haunts of my Silicone Valley days and enjoy the company of old coworkers.  I get to spend time with the people I care about.

Visits like these are what will help me survive living in the OC.  Perhaps workign out will help, too.  You know, if I ever get around to making it consistent.

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