Le Tired

It is only 7:20 am and I feel like if I fell asleep right now I could probably sleep for 8 hours, wake up, and still be able to sleep well tonight.  That is how tired I feel right now.

Why is it that waking up even an hour earlier than usual can make the day seem infinitely longer?

This past weekend I was in the Bay Area and I was passed around like a hot potato.  No, that’s not true.  I actually passed myself around like [insert whatever sorority joke you’d like to here].  So many people weren’t in town when Wes and I were up there two weeks ago so I tried to fit in as much as possible in the four days, which included some time at my last company.  The breakfast on Monday morning was just what I remembered it to be and I miss it so much, and I’d add pictures but my computer is being a bitch right now and refusing to. So just take my word on how yummy the fresh fruit, waffles and quiches were.

What I also realized being back there is that the grass is always greener.  Or, at least, it seems that way.  (Not much of a) Confession: I have been idealizing my last job because my current one is so different from it in so many ways.  The truth is, things weren’t always great there and I was just as unhappy in my duties as I am here.  The thing that made that job so awesome was the people and the perks, and lot of those perks are gone, which leaves a lot of those awesome people rethinking their position.

Basically it confirmed that yeah, school is something that I want to seriously do.  Teaching is something that I want to do.  I don’t care about being able to leave my work at work any more.  I care about being challenged in my job, and hopefully challenging minds along the way.

But wait, where was I?

Oh, yes, San Francisco.  Three nights with three different people.  A drive-in movie, wedding dress shopping (for Ashley), shopping in China Town (clearly I needed three new scarves), a massage, breakfast with my cousin and his husband, dinner with a friend and her husband (plus a comfy night not sharing a bed!)  and then back to old work for some breakfast, lunch with a friend (where I got to see his wife and adorable baby) before heading to the airport.  Yes four days sounds like a loooong weekend, but with all that I crammed in there it flew by.

And now I am le tired.

And back to sharing a bed.  Which feels tinier than I think it should.  As we sat down Monday night Wes looked at me and said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I slept so fucking good last night.”  Which I completely understand because we both like to spread out and in a queen sized bed there’s not much room for two people to spread out.  Our next place better have a room big enough to hold a king sized bed and our other furniture.

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